Biking Trip Of Your Dreams

Biking Trip Of Your Dreams

Cycling Holidays

If you are anything like me you  are probably often daydreaming about the perfect vacation. After working 40 – 50 hour weeks for months you probably just want to take a break from the same repetitive tasks.

Then you would probably love to check out some of these cycling holiday retreats from the hills of Italy to the beaches of India.

Breathtaking Biking Tour From Dolomiti to the Adriatic Sea, Italy

If you have never been to Italy this is definitely the way to see it the views on this  7 day trip is truly amazing. The first thing you will see is the Dolomites mountain range located i northeastern Italy and after that you will go through the second Largest Forest in Italy Cansiglio.

Then after two days of riding in the mountains  you will go down a valley descending towards the town of Portogruaro when you pass the town you will head towards the sea passing Venice Lagoon and you will end your trip at Bibione by the Adriatic Sea.

This is a self-guided trip moderately difficult so you have to be reasonably fit to attempt this trip it is 158 miles (255 kilometers) with an elevation of about plus minus 3700 feet. If you are looking for a cycling holiday in Europe this is definitely something you should check out for more info click Here.

Cycling adventure in Kerala, India

India is probably one of the most stunning places you can travel to and in this cycling trip you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery that Kerala India has to offer. You will be starting your trip from Trivandrum which is the capital of the southern Indian state of Kerala.

Varkala will be your first destination on this  167 mile (269 kilometer) trip as you start your journey from Trivandrum you will immediately notice the beautiful scenery with Kerala on your right and white sandy beaches and palm treas on your left.

From there you will take a 60 mile trip on a Keralan houseboat cruising through the complex system of beautiful lagoons and canals and 30 miles will be traveled by bike.

Leaving the houseboat behind start your first ride among the hills of Kerala and ending up at the small town of Periyar. After you leave Periyar you will be heading into the Kerala high country there you can enjoy a long downhill ride to the spice trade town of Kumily.

Then from Kumily you will head to  Kochi and you last destination will be the popular Cherai Beach. This is a 8 day guided biking trip with accommodations and biking hire included and the best thing is you do not have to be a cycling expert this is for beginners so anyone can take this trip.

For more info click Here.



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