Cycling Sunglasses: Protect Your Eyes From Multiple Dangers With The Right Eye-Wear

Cycling Sunglasses: Protect Your Eyes From Multiple Dangers With The Right Eye-Wear

Last Updated on December 8, 2020 by Johannes Kristjansson

If you’re looking for cycling glasses but you’re unsure about which brand or model is best – this article is specifically for you.

It’s going to save you countless hours of time and endless frustration. I’m not here to sell you anything.

I simply choose to share what I discovered in my many hours of research.

My wish for you is that the information I share leads you to make the right decision for you – with complete confidence.

Most people know that it’s important to protect your eyes at all times from the dangers of the sun, whenever you’re outside for an extended period and no matter what you’re doing.

This is important to remember when you’re cycling too. But cycling glasses aren’t just for sun protection – although a quality pair will certainly give you that kind of peace of mind. But they do a whole lot more as well.

Why Sunglasses Are So Important When Cycling

While almost any protection is better than no protection, not all eye-wear designed for athletes is created equal.

Chances are you want to provide maximum protection for your eyes whenever you’re out and about on the tracks, roads, or trails.

A quality pair of glasses protects your eyes while enhancing your vision.

A good pair of cycling sunglasses protects your eyes from harmful UV exposure.

Repeated exposure can seriously damage your eyesight. So, whenever you’re out on your bike, it’s important to be suited up with full gear – including a helmet and A well-made pair of sunglasses preferred by athletes – and specifically cyclists.

These glasses also significantly reduce glare

Blinding glare can reflect off of windows and doors of buildings, hoods of cars, wet pavement, street signs – and more.

When you can reduce any glare by a large margin simply by wearing the right kind of eye protection – it behooves you to do so.

It’s also important that you have tight-fitting glasses, in order to limit the amount of wind that hits your eyes. That’s because wind alone can cause irritation and dryness.

Properly-fitting glasses also protect your eyes from dust and debris – both visible and invisible that can be stirred up at any time – no matter where you are.

Dust is always a factor and vehicles of all kinds can stir up stones, small branches, leaves, and discarded fast food cups and containers.

Fragments of whatever happens to be on the road like screws, nails, and pieces of metal – even tiny shards of glass – can all become airborne at any point in time. Without decent vision protection, your eyes are at risk.

A quality pair of cycling glasses also provides a clearer view to what you can see with the naked eye.

When you’re out riding, there are plenty of other things you need to be aware of at all times, like vehicles, other cyclists, sewer grates, potholes, runners, people with walkers or scooters, mothers with strollers, and of course – any upcoming intersections.

With an enhanced view, these things are easier to detect from a distance and when they’re already on your radar, it’s much easier to adapt your riding to suit.

Even low-cost sunglasses can be somewhat helpful and the better they fit to your face, the more protection they seem to deliver.

Most low cost options however are very good as cycling sunglasses. But we discovered one every economical brand that  delivered better quality and value than you might expect. We’ll get to that later.

But first, let’s look at what is probably one of – if not the best option – you can buy today, Oakley cycling sunglasses.


Oakley Men’s Half Jacket 2.0 XL Iridium Sport Sunglasses

The Oakley Half Jackets are an extremely popular option among serious cyclists everywhere – and have been for a number of years.

That’s no surprise, since Oakley is a top-notch, well-established brand that’s been around for years.

These “half jackets” feature a sporty and stylish design with interchangeable lenses.

They offer high definition optics technology and they are prescription ready – so you can always adapt these to fit your vision requirements precisely.

Surprising to some, these glasses are made right here in the United States. Oakley’s proprietary poly-carbonate material offers 100% UV protection by blocking out all UVA, UVB, UVC rays and harmful blue light (up to 400nm).

Additionally, each lens is specially treated to resist moisture buildup from sweat, water and contaminants like smudges and fingerprints from sunscreen.

Both the frame and lens are made from composite materials and the flexible frame is made of a strong and durable poly-carbonate.

Specific sizes are as follows:

Lens width is 2.283 inches (58 mm)
Lens height is 1.456 inches (37 mm)
Bridge is 0.669 inches (17 mm)
Arm length is 5.078 inches (129 mm)

If you’re looking for eye protection you can count on in stylish design that’s sure to stand out whenever you ride, these Oakley half jackets are a solid choice.

These are not just any glasses. They were designed to meet the needs of committed athletes – people who take what they do seriously.

Oakley is known for converting practical solutions into attractive styles with a skilled designer’s touch.

What Buyers Like Most About Their Oakley Half Jackets

  • They stay on during all sporting activities – including golf, soccer, baseball, and cycling
  • These glasses provide a high degree of protection for your eyes
  • They deliver superb clarity
  • Ideal for action-oriented activities – with no frame on the bottom and a relatively tight fit to the face, your view is not inhibited in any way
  • Hinges remain strong and  tight – even after a year or more
  • Lenses are scratch resistant
  • Lenses are removable – so you can change the tone and look quickly and easily
  • They are lightweight
  • They fit well on most people’s heads

But remember, we are as unique as our fingerprints. And although Oakley has done an outstanding job in designing these glasses to comfortably fit the vast majority of people, they don’t fit everyone perfectly.

So while the odds are good you’ll find the fit to your liking, it is possible that they don’t fit your particular head as well as someone else’s.

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like

  • With its one-size-fits-all design, the nose piece may be a little tight for some noses
  • There’s no hard case provided, despite the premium price Oakley charges
  • Expensive – There’s no doubt these are quality cycling sunglasses and you should expect to pay accordingly


Oakley Men’s Bottle Rocket Polarized Sport Sunglasses

Here’s another option for people who take their cycling seriously and it too has become a popular choice for all kinds of people who participate in various sports.

Here’s another option for people who take their cycling seriously and it too has become a popular choice for all kinds of people who participate in various sports.

Oakley’s Bottle Rocket cycling glasses offer components in the following sizes:

  • lens length is 2.43 inches (61.9 mm)
  • lens height is 1.511 inches (38.4 mm)
  • bridge is 0.511 inches (13 mm)
  • Arm length is 5.472 inches (139 mm)

Like other Oakley’s these glasses are prescription ready and made in the USA. They also offer 100% UV protection with its patented coating.

What sets the Bottle Rockets apart from the Half Jackets is that these ones are shipped with polarized lenses.

Designed for all day comfort, these glasses tend to fit well to most faces.

And the no-slip grip of the ear socks means it’s easy to keep these glasses on for long stretches, without any discomfort.

What Buyers Like Most About Their Oakley Bottle Rockets

  • The clarity these lenses provide is unusually good, resulting in crystal-clear vision
  • They work well at cutting glare so the sun won’t irritate your eyes – but they do take some getting used to, just as with any polarized lenses
  • Despite the high degree of glare reduction, the lenses are not overly-dark, so people can actually see your eyes
  • They offer a comfortable grip that fits the head well and they seem to fit quite well on a lot of different people (but not everyone)
  • The Oakley´s are rugged and durable
  • They are comfortably lightweight – the lighter your glasses are the less obtrusive they become – which is particularly important when cycling, or participating in other sports
  • The look and style of the standard lens almost matches the frame perfectly
  • Replacement lenses are readily available
  • They stay on well and don’t slip off – this is important whether you wear them all day on the job, or on a good long bike ride

What the Bottle Rockets offer in these modern style glasses is an optical quality that’s nearly perfect for those involved in cycling and other sports. But they also look great as casual wear.

What Some Buyers Don’t Like About Them

  • While the style and size fits many – they don’t fit every size of face and those with larger faces and heads might not experience the same fit and feel that others claim
  • There is no hard case provided
  • The arms are attached to the lens with pins, while other Oakley designs feature a design that snaps together (this probably isn’t something a first time buyer would notice – or even care about)
  • These lenses can scratch fairly easily
  • The rubber ear socks can pull at your hair, causing discomfort


RIVBOS Polarized Sport Sunglasses and Driving Glasses

Well, there’s no arguing that Oakley glasses are superb in many ways. But some people simply want something that’s more economical – but not cheap.

Regardless of your budget, you want a quality pair of glasses that will protect your eyes from the sun, wind, dust and airborne debris when you’re out cycling.

RIVBOS Polarized Sport Sunglasses come in a selection of colors. They are durable, lightweight and remarkably stylish too.  

And when you see the price, we predict that you might be just as shocked as we were.

Don’t get me wrong – they’re not Oakley’s. But they’re pretty slick too.

These polarized lenses are mirror coated and offer 100% protection against UVA, UVB, UBC and harmful blue light  rays up the 400nm.

Despite the low price, these glasses help illuminate scattered and reflected light while protecting your eyes and providing surprisingly good clarity.

Component sizes are as follows:

  • Lens width is 2.52 inches (64 mm)
  • Lens height is 1.57 inches (40 mm)
  • Bridge is 1.18 inches (30 mm)
  • Frame length is 5.51 inches (140 mm)

Of course, the glasses are always front and center of a purchase. But it’s nice to know that RIVBOS doesn’t cheap-out with the extras they supply at no added cost. These include:

  • Rugged hard case with clip to connect to any belt
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Pouch made of the same materials (presumably, this could be used as a cleaning cloth too)
  • Polarized Test Card
  • Instruction booklet

Additionally, they offer a lifetime breakage warranty – on both the frame and the lens. And they have a stellar reputation on backing up their claims.

For a budget- priced option, you just can’t beat RIVBOS. these glasses have been specially designed for fitness enthusiasts and athletes of all kind – so they’re perfect for cyclists.

They’re comfortable and stylish, with impressive lens clarity that protect your eyes whenever you’re outdoors.

They fit the head snugly and wrap around your face. With the anti-reflective lens, glare is much less of an issue and your eyes will be protected from airborne dust, insects, and debris.

What Buyers Like Most About RIVBOS

  • These glasses seem to fit both small and large faces
  • They’re comfortable and lightweight
  • They are flexible
  • The yellow lenses works great on overcast days or while night driving
  • blue tinted lenses seem to provide a clearer vision that helps you feel alert and wide-awake and not sleepy from the sun
  • Rubber ear socks are comfortable and help prevent glasses from falling off

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like

  • They don’t look as high end as an expensive pair of glasses
  • The ear socks can disintegrate and fall off (they are guaranteed however, so a replacement set shouldn’t be hard to get)
  • The hinge screws are located on the bottom of the hinge
  • they fit most people well – but not everybody
  • the optical accuracy can feel slightly off around the edges of your field of vision

The Verdict

You really cannot go wrong with any of our top 3 recommendations for cycling sunglasses. Our top overall recommendation goes to the Oakley cycling sunglasses (Half Jackets). But if your budget is tight, your best move is to opt for our favorite, budget-friendly cycling glasses by RIVBOS. All options are good ones. It’s really just a matter of personal preference.

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